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What is the future of Distance Education? (2018)

The educationists of today are quite ecstatic with the phenomenal success of Distance Education. But, there are some who want to know as to what is the future of distance education in India. These are those people who though feel good for the meteoric success of this mode of education in this country, but are not sure or want to know as to whether the same tempo of success will continue in the years to come, or it will end up being a thing of the past as we move to the next decade. The present blog throws light on this topic.

There are a number of reasons why the future of distance education will be glorious. Some of these are discussed below:

  • Anytime Anywhere Mode of Education: Gone are those days when classroom education was prevalent in Indian Education System. Today, we live in the death of distance era. All the information are available in just few clicks. Distance Education has been a great hit so far and will touch its zenith of popularity because of its anytime anywhere mode of education.


  • E-Learning: In the last few decades Internet has made its presence globally. It has influenced almost all the contemporary prevailing modes of systems. Education has gone for a makeshift, predominantly because of the advent of E-learning. And E-learning already being an integral part of distance Education will make it more and more desirable for the students of tomorrow.


  • Eliminates the Need of Physical Availability of Quality Teachers: The distance mode of education is all set to propel further in popularity as this mode does not necessitate any physical availability of quality teachers. The handful of quality teachers can prepare study materials for hundreds of students and teach with YouTube videos.


  • Technology is at the Centre stage: We are heading towards an era where the muscle of technology will rule. If any education is not technology-driven, it may have so many things to boast about, but not the students. Distance education, already being equipped with technology, is all set to be more and more technology centric and that will definitely be its one of the USPs. All those who ask:what is the future of distance education in India, get the cogent answer Glorious when they come to know as to how much technology-driven this mode of education is.

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