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Distance Learning and Gullybaba

Distance Learning is one of the best options for education for those students, who because of some or the other reason, fail to pursue it through regular process. The present blog will analyze the distance education process in a bit detail.

What is Distance Education?

distance-educationDistance Education is the process of self learning in the absence of traditional school system. Here all the formal set up involved in educations system like classroom, teachers, infrastructure, an institution or college everything is absent. Students enroll themselves in the colleges and pursue the courses on their own based on syllabus and help books (that are made available by certain colleges) prescribed by the universities.

Which are the colleges providing Distance Education?

There are many colleges in India wherein the option of Distance Education is available these days. The most prominent among them is Indira Gandhi National Open University of IGNOU, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Open University, Symbiosis University, Sikkim Manipal University and so on. Apart from this, in every state of India, there are many Universities that offer Distance Learning Courses.

Why distance education?

Distance Education works great for all those who cannot pursue their studies through regular education system for reasons like:-

Economic condition:– Distance Education is ideal for all those students who are unable to bear the expenditure of regular education. The fees for distance learning courses are extremely cost effective and can be afforded by the economically backward students as well.

Time saving: – In Distance Learning students need not attend classes and can study as per their own convenience. This help them save time and they can pursue it along with their profession as well.

Open for anyone and everyone:-The door to distance education is open for every student. Unlike regular courses, here they need not appear for any entrance examination and there aren’t any cut offs as well. There is no age limit for enrollment in these courses and generally the criterions also remain simple.

Remote location:- There are many areas in India wherein not many educational institutions are available like Bihar, Jammu Kashmir, Andaman Nicobar, North Eastern States and so on. Distance Education works great for students residing in all such locations.

The above-mentioned reasons are advantages of distance education that make it get an edge over the distance mode of education.

How does Gullybaba help in Distance Education?

We at Gullybaba are committed to provide all possible support to universities and students offering/pursuing distance education.

For Universities:

We help them develop matter for their courses.

  • We incorporate design modifications as per the specification of the universities
  • Customized and standard cover page design as per the requirements
  • Help books and self help materials
  • Assistance and guidance provided for projects and assignments
  • One stop solution for all your distance learning needs. Check our blog for latest updates
  • knowledgeEducation in the present time might have evolved as one of the most profit making industry but at Gullybaba it still remains the noble cause of spreading knowledge in the society. Even after our presence in the industry that spans over a decade and half and includes numerous milestones achieved by us, student fraternity has been our pillar of strength. Since inception we have stood beside them like a friend, philosopher and guide helping them accomplish their education.

open-learningWe want to share the same relation in the years to come. Through our endeavors we make every possible attempt to ensure that the readers are updated with the best of not just academic but overall knowledge. Nurturing the young minds from an early age is crucial as they would grow up to become the future of the nation. At Gullybaba our focus has been the overall development of students pursuing their education through IGNOU and other distance learning institutions and universities. We develop Help books that summarize the chapters of IGNOU books. It is like a weekly dossier of latest updates and much more from the world of education in a whole new way.

  • Today the meaning of academic knowledge has changed. It has moved to another dimension as is evident from Distance learning. The education system is expanding and is being experimented with new methods for overall development of the students. Accordingly ‘’ is an attempt to impart not just academic knowledge but overall knowledge of various aspects which is required for complete development of the personality. The dossier also aims at providing necessary study material which is not available in the textbooks and other resource books, with latest news and updates from IGNOU along with added features of latest happening in the world of education.
  • Gullybaba launches it new user friendly website:- We have launched our new website “” for students of IGNOU and other universities. We have incorporated features like never before and are making an attempt to reach every student from all the corners of India. Our newly developed website is loaded with enhanced features. Herein our readers can not only place orders for IGNOU help books and other relevant academic materials but it also introduces them with our entire literary library. Along with the help books it includes fiction, non-fiction, inspirational and religious books. Searc has been simplified as we have made our website more user friendly. Make use of our ‘Shop by category’, ‘Add to Cart’ etc. features and experience a delight and fun-filled experience of our website surfing.

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