Saturday , August 24 2019


How to Write IGNOU AHE Project? (2018)

IGNOU AHE-01 Project The common question that hounds the students of IGNOU is: “how to write IGNOU AHE-01 Project? Even those students, who get some information, online and offline, do not find them comprehensive and conclusive and this is one of the important reasons why they too want to get …

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How to Write IGNOU BTS Projects (2018)

Among the students of IGNOU, the one question that is most commonly discussed is: how to write IGNOU BTS Projects? It is simply because for the students pursuing BTS (Bachelor of Tourism Studies), its most crucial part is its project. Being a compulsory part in curriculum, no student can get …

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How to write IGNOU MBA Projects MS 100? (2018)

For all the students of IGNOU MBA the common challenge is: How to write IGNOU projects MS 100?. The restlessness is even more on the faces of those MBA students who are the working professionals. Their day-to-day work pressure do not let them prepare for the projects well in advance, …

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How to prepare IGNOU Projects?

Project is the core in all the IGNOU Courses. Though almost all the students of IGNOU feel that they are capable of writing (good) projects, but what prevents them from taking an initiative is the fear that it will get rejected by their respective study centre. If you are among …

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