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Book Launching at World Book Fair 2018 (2018)

World Book Fair 2018 is on full swing. The true bibliophiles from the length and breadth of India has thronged world book fair Pragati Maidan 2018 to get maximum out of 2018 books’ list. Apart from a number of things, the one thing that will catch your eyes in world book fair Delhi 2018 is the book launching event.

Gullybaba Publishing House has been phenomenal in this year world book too with its series of books getting phenomenal response from the readers of varied tastes and preferences. Already 700 titles to its credit, new books are getting added to Gullybaba, thanks to the top-notch authors’ penchant to work with the publication. Book launching events are being organized by GPH almost on a daily basis at Pragati Maidan, the constant venue of the world book fairs.

Book Launching of the Book Mankind and Aansuon ke Bina Zindagi

On 7th Janury, 2018 Gullybaba Publishing House launched the books “Mankind and Aansuon ke Bina Zindagi”. The event was witnessed by the who’s who of Education, Print Media, Electronic Media, etc. The ceremony was scheduled to suit the world book fair 2018 timings. The author of the book Mr. Alok Bhattacharya (Mankind: Origin, Journey to the Present and Future) and Mr. Santosh Prasad (Aansuon ke Bina Zindagi) were overwhelmed with the influx of the people surrounded at the ceremony.

About the Book “Mankind: Origin, Journey to the Present and Future”

The book Mankind is an authority on the pre-historic connection of the African continent with peninsular India in the Gondwanaland day. This book convincingly explains how the primitive Man spilled over the world.

Apart from pre-historic presence of man and their spread, the book does also throw light on the aftermath of ever-increasing pollution and destruction of nature in the name of development. The book not merely mentions the aftermaths, it does also suggest the ways to restore the homeostasis in nature.

About the Book “Aansuon ke Bina Zindagi”

‘Life without tears,’ is a brilliant translation of Aansuon ke Bina Zindagi’, penned by Mr. Santosh Prasad. The book is written over the disintegration of joint family. Though the subject of the book is not new, but the way the author of this book has weaved the entire story, rest assured, it will capture your collective imaginations and stir your thought.

The beauty of the book starts with its number of pages itself. This is a very slim book. Chilean poet and Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda wrote, ‘A slim book is a boon, whereas a thick book is a bane.’ The author of the book has written a slim but sublime novelette that makes the readers ponder over it.

In this age of disintegration in all walks of life, the author’s attempt to knit a family together and how all members can work and function in a confluence to make it possible is something that deserves kudos.

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