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BES123 Learning and Teaching (IGNOU Help book for BES-123 in Hindi Medium)

SKU : 978-93-86276-63-6
Author : GPH Panel of Experts
Language : English

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Book BES-123 Learning and Teaching
Author GPH Panel of Experts
ISBN 978-93-86276-63-6
Binding Paperback
Publisher Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
Number of Pages 225
Language English
Edition 2018

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BES-123 Learning and Teaching


Block-1 Learning: Perspectives and Approaches
Unit-1 Understanding Learning
Unit-2 Approaches to Learning
Unit-3 Learning for Construction of Knowledge
Unit-4 Learning in Various Contexts

Block-2 Understanding the Learner
Unit-5 Learner in Socio-cultural Context
Unit-6 Learner as an Individual-I
Unit-7 Learner as an Individual-II

Block-3 Teaching- Learning Process
Unit-8 Understanding Teaching
Unit-9 Planning Teaching-Learning
Unit-10 Organizing Teaching-Learning
Unit-11 Teaching-Learning Resources
Unit-12 Managing Classroom Teaching-Learning

Block-4 Teacher as a Professional
Unit-13 Teacher in Diverse Role
Unit-14 Teacher as Innovator and Action Researcher
Unit-15 Teacher as a Reflective Practitioner
Unit-16 Professional Development of Teachers

1. Solution Paper – June 2017(solved)
2. Solution Paper – Dec 2017(solved)

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