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5 Health Benefits of Positive Thinking (2019)

What is the role of positive thinking in our personality?

How do you train your mind to think positive?

Wonderful secrets of comfortable life

The pessimists of today are not able even to find 5 health benefits of positive thinking. One of the most dominant reasons of that could be their belief that if they keep on thinking that everything is hunky dory, the life goes on smoothly, devoid of any kind of discomfiture and distress, they will not be able to remain in the mental alertness that is important t keep them busy and take maximum out of the time that are in their disposal.

But, the truth is exactly the opposite. In the words of Willie Nelson, “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” Though the positive thinking has comprehensive benefits, however the present blog will confine its focus on the 5 health benefits of positive thinking.

Given below are the 5 important health benefits every one with positive thinking can reap:

1. Resistance to Common Cold: In a research conducted in the Segerstrom high school, it was found that the students with positive outlook had greater resistance to common cold. Later, it was established that the student who displayed optimistic thinking, showed greater cell-mediated immunity. On the other hand, those with pessimistic approach towards life had low response from the immunity cells. This is one of the 5 health benefits of positive thinking the health-conscious people can take in their hearts.

2. Low Cholesterol: High cholesterol opens the floodgate of diseases, including the life-threatening diseases. But, do you know that by just having positive thinking can maintain your cholesterol in the optimal level? Yes, you heard it right. The research has proved the connection between staying away from negativity and keeping the cholesterol in the range it should be.

3. Lowers your Chances of Heart Disease: Need not mention here the aftermath of heart disease for you know it already. If I mention, the blog will be verbose and you might lose your interest to read it further. The operative part is that positive thinking lowers chances of heart diseases. A journal of the American Heart Association, led by Hilary a Tindle, established that optimistic people were less likely to develop Coronary Heart Disease in comparison with the pessimistic people.

4. Lowers Risks of Physical or Mental Health Problems: In the lines of George Patton, a professor of adolescent health in Melbourne, “In older adults optimists are less likely to later experience a range of mental and physical health problems, from depression to cardio-vascular disease.

5. Slows Ageing: A study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that those with pessimistic bent of mind, showed fast rate of ageing in comparison to the optimists. The pessimists of over 60 developed mobility as well as functional problems whereas the optimists were enjoying life and they were devoid of any kind of mental or physical problem. This is one of the 5 health benefits of positive thinking the people should take note of.

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