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BECE002 Indian Economic Development: Issues And Perspectives (IGNOU Help book for BECE-002 in Hindi Medium)

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Book                         :       BECE-002 Indian Economic Development: Issues And Perspectives in Hindi Medium

Author                      :      GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                           :      978-93-81970-72-0

Binding                     :      Paperback

Publisher                 :      Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages   :       429

Language                 :      Hindi

Edition                       :      2019


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BECE-002 Indian Economic Development: Issues and Perspectives In Hindi 


Block- 1 Approaches to Development
Unit-1 Alternative Paradigms of Development
Unit-2 Thoughts on Development of Select Vintage Thinkers
Unit-3 Growth and Structural Change
Unit-4 Planning, Governance and Institutions

Block- 2 Resources for Development
Unit-5 Monetary and Financial Resources
Unit-6 Physical, Natural and Environmental Resources
Unit-7 Demographic Features
Unit-8 National Statistical System

Block- 3 Fiscal and Monetary Issues
Unit-9 Monetary Policy
Unit-10 Fiscal Federalism
Unit-11 Taxation and Expenditure in India
Unit-12 Fiscal Reforms

Block- 4 Agricultural Sector 
Unit-13 Phases in Agricultural Development
Unit-14 Impact of Green Revolution
Unit-15 Agriculture, Productivity and Farmers’ Welfare

Block- 5 Industry and Services Sector
Unit-16 Industrial Policy and Strategy
Unit-17 Industrial Growth and Structure
Unit-18 Foreign Investment
Unit-19 Service Sector

Block- 6 External Sector
Unit-20 Trade and Development
Unit-21 Empirical Aspects of Trade and Balance of Payments
Unit-22 Regional Trading Arrangements
Unit-23 WTO and Challenges of New Trading and Financial Systems

Block- 7 Social Aspects of Development
Unit-24 Education and Health
Unit-25 Labour and Employment
Unit-26 Gender Issues of Development
Unit-27 Water and Development
Unit-28 Global Economic Crisis


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9. Question Paper - June 2014
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11. Question Paper - June 2015
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13. Solution Paper - June 2016
14. Question Paper - Dec 2016
15. Solution Paper - June 2017
16. Question Paper - Dec 2017
17. Solution Paper - June 2018 

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