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AMT-1 Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (IGNOU Help book for AMT-1 in English Medium)

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Book                          :          AMT-01 Teaching of Primary School Mathematics in English

Author                        :          GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                           :         978-93-83921-30-0

Binding                       :         Paperback

Publisher                    :         Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages        :         246

Language                    :         English

Edition                         :         2018


AMT-01 Teaching of primary School Mathematics

Topics Covered

Block-1 Aspects of Teaching Mathematics

Unit-1 Why Learn Mathematics?
Unit-2 Knowing Your Learner
Unit-3 Helping Children Learn Mathematic
Unit-4 Classroom Practice

Block-2 Numbers

Unit-5 Learning to Count
Unit-6 Ones, Tens and More
Unit-7 Addition and Subtraction
Unit-8 Multiplication and Division

Block-3 Numbers

Unit-9 Negative Numbers
Unit-10 Generalising Arithmetic to Algebra
Unit-11Developing Language

Block-4 Fractions

Unit-12 Fractions of Which Whole?
Unit-13 Types of Fractions
Unit-14 Operations with Fractions
Unit-15 Decimals

Block-5 Measurement

Unit-16 Developing Spatial Concepts
Unit-17 Measuring Size
Unit-18 Measuring Angles
Unit-19 Measuring Time


Chapter-1 Aspects of Teaching Mathematics
Chapter-2 Numbers
Chapter-3 Numbers
Chapter-4 Fractions.
Chapter-5 Measurement

Question Papers

December: 2011 (Solved)
June: 2012 (Solved)
December: 2012 (Solved)
June: 2013 (Solved)
December: 2013 (Solved)
June: 2014 (Solved)
December: 2014
June: 2015 
December: 2015
June: 2016
December: 2016
June: 2017 (Solved)
December: 2017 (Solved)

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