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Adhura Insaaf... Ek Aur Damini

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Book                           :         Adhura Insaaf... Ek Aur Damini

Author                        :         Ram 'Pujari'

ISBN                            :         978-93-85533-09-9

Binding                       :         Paperback

Publisher                   :         Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages    :         199

Language                  :         Hindi

Edition                        :         Jan, 2016


Adhura Insaaf... Ek Aur Damini GullyBaba 2016

Today we are living in the age of advancement where the depth of oceans and the heights of skies are within the reach of man, the expansion of world has become very small. The scientific inventions have found the possibilities of unlimited reserves of energy from the smallest compositions like molecules and atoms. But what is the position of man in this age of advancement. In the human society man is still not in the state of accepting the importance of women equal to him. He is not ready to admit that women are able to move with him with equal participation in life.  He is not sensitive for the relationship between man and woman. In the age of this materialistic world emotions are used only to serve the purpose of life. Today our lives are full of luxuries and all types of conveniences are available in every field of our life. Even after having all these facilities the mentality of man has become distorted. Family sacraments are losing their importance. Fall in character is taking roots in the thoughts of mankind. Gothicism is becoming a part of man's existence. We are forgetting the traditions established by our rishis and saints, " The place, where women are honoured, is the dwelling of Gods."

A graduate from Delhi University and a well known writer Shri Ram Pujari has put up these issues of human society in his novel Adhura Insaaf... Ek Aur Damini. Through this novel he has revealed how a girl or lady,the victim of rape, suffers from physical as well as mental purgatory. She doesn't have peace anywhere and at any time, whilst the culprits move freely in the society in search of their new prey after the imprisonment of two or three years, This is an irony that our so called civilized society also blames that victim girl or woman to fall into the ditch of inhuman practices. 

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SKU 978-93-85533-09-9
Author N/A
Language Hindi
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